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Lucy’s Ballerina Party

05 Nov 2011

A Huge Thank you to Matisse and Cora, our beautiful ballerinas, for making our party so fun and lovely!
Thank you to Jeanette for sending adorable ballet cookies, post haste! My other hero at the post office is Fairy Godmother Kristi, who sent the party favors – as you can see, they were way too cute.
Thank you to Cole and Kiera, for taking such pretty pictures – without which there would be no show (You can never take photos at your own party). I loved the party! Lucy did too – ” ‘Allerina Party! Cakes! Big Party!”
Last, Thanks Honey (Mark), for driving around, getting those huge pink balloons, and most importantly, for putting up the ballet barre in our living room (a.k.a. the dance studio), which totally passed the ballerina test. Hooray! You rock. xxoo

Click on the party invitation to see the slideshow:

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____Update 11/12/11_____

Cutest comments from Cora’s FB page, when she made this photo her profile pic.

Visiting Jeanette and Jim’s in Manhasset

23 Oct 2011

One of the best things about being in New York before the wedding was getting to spend quality time with Kiera’s family! Jeanette and Jimmy invited us to stay with them! (It was arranged we would sleep in their “basement” – Oscar renamed it the Apartment because it was so large and so nice).

Lucy and Oscar slept on the drive in from the Hamptons.

Jeanette got out some toys she’d been saving since Kiera and Lauren were girls – including this whole kitchen!

Kiera with Lauren and Baby April

♥ Jeanette ♥

There were a lot of cute pre-wedding moments

On the platform, waiting for the LIRR. Off to Manhattan!

Christmas Cookies and Elf

23 Dec 2010

The BEST cookies of the year. (Well, maybe a tie with the box that comes at Easter.)
They were sent all the way from Manhassett, NY with love from Kiera’s mom, Jeanette.

click to enlarge.

I should mention that this box is mostly empty now, and that’s the only reason Oscar can hold it an an angle such as this. There are just a few last cookies in there (which we’re enjoying right now!). When the box first came, it was so heavy! She sends so many different, perfect little cookies! And this time, as an unexpected twist, it had fun Christmas toys too! Here’s the kid’s favorite, hands down:

I’ve tried twice to get a pic with Lucy and the red nose, but so far, no bueno. If I do, I’ll update.

Included was also a very small little Christmas Elf, that came in a package that read, “Put me in water and Watch Me Grow!” So we dutifully marched him into the kitchen and found a glass Mason jar. We added water and the elf, and watched. And watched. Oscar said, “Do you see anything happening?” While we pondered the idea of our elf being a dud, I thought I’d better check the package instructions. Upon further review, (what can I say it’s football season), the fine print read, “Elf will grow over 10 days.” Ohhhh.

So he lived in our kitchen for about the last 10 days, growing in his jar. A gelatinous kindergarten science experiment. When Kiera walked in one day, she said, What’s this? in her polite voice. To tell the truth, he looked like one of those items of questionable matter, floating in formaldehyde. But I liked him. I think it’s important to have an odd element in the mix. Keeps the mystery. Our odd little Christmas elf.

So thanks again Jeanette. What an unforgettable box of love! YUM! We miss you guys! See you on the interwebs! XOXO