Summer Vacation! (Last Day Picnic)

29 May 2011

Oscar’s last day of actual Kindergarten was Thursday.

Here they are lining up for the last time :) awww, so sentimental.

This is Barbara, Oscar’s Italian teacher. She put their years work into a book for them to keep.

Then Friday we went to Golden Gate Park for a bbq and picnic. The spot was beautiful – just adjacent to Stow Lake. So many flowers were blooming, and the waterfall rushing. Nana tagged along for the fun. The sun came out and it was awesome. Both Ruth and Suzy’s classes were there – which was great because there will be a mixing up of the classes in the fall! I know Oscar really likes a few of those guys (Hugo, Sonny, Dominic…) Thanks Ms. Ruth, it was a great year!

BIG Thanks to Philip Sabes, Jacob’s dad, for 5 or 6 of these photos! He took that last one of Amanda, (Tamir’s mom) walking with the crew. I love it!

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