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An East Bay Summer Day, With Family

19 Jul 2013

(And, Camera)
Cole took these sweet shots yesterday. We went over to see Madie and Alex, and I had it in mind to help her in the baby’s room, but we ended up not accomplishing much. Instead, we walked over to Piedmont Ave to get fish tacos at Baja Taqueria. Chief and Nanu met us there (We were all waving at the car. I *LOVE* good timing). After, we walked to a bookstore. I had flashbacks to Dad buying books for me and Madie. And then we came back and sat on the porch. It was niiiice. Madie is 39 weeks, in case you are wondering – due date is next Friday.

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Madie and Alex – A Year

30 Jun 2013

Click to see larger.
Photo by Cole Stipovich for Natural Light Photography

What a year it has been has flown by!
You’ve moved to Oakland and you are expecting your baby next month! Amazing.

Surprise! on this photo – I held it back on purpose so that I’d have a new one to show you today!
(Hope it’s okay and you’re not mad! Did it work like I meant it to?)

We are so happy for you both – Congratulations on your anniversary!
Love & Hugs!

P.S. It might be fun to watch your wedding slideshow again…
UPDATED! For your mobile viewing pleasure, you can now see the show on you phone, tablet, etc.

Madie and Alex Are Moving

18 Mar 2013


They are headed to Oakland! We are a little sad to see them leave SF, but so excited for their new home! I got to go see a preview of it tonight! It’s AWESOME. They are in the Piedmont Avenue neighborhood, just below Pleasant Valley.

There is so much there! We did a little driving and looking, but I know we didn’t even see half of the shops and restaurants there. (We totally could have walked. I’m sure the walk-ability rating is 100.) They had me at Peet’s 3 blocks away, but I’m also super excited for the Tiki Bar a few blocks in the other direction. There’s a movie theater, Fenton’s Ice cream parlor, and even a little Deruta shop we were ogling.

(Cole took this at Fenton’s, May 2009 – Oscar is about Lucy’s age now: 3 and a half)

But back to the new house. Madie and Alex have the sunny front side with a view all the way to Mt. Tam! There’s a sweet and generously sized front porch on the quiet tree-lined street. I look forward to sipping tea and watching the sun set this summer!

Here’s a couple of shots from my phone – the place is in great shape with gorgeous Edwardian details.
And, look how cute Madie is in her scrubs and belly! (Baby is due End of July.)

Thanksgiving II

26 Nov 2011

Nana made a beautiful dinner. We all brought food and drinks to share, and t’was delicious.

“the kids table”

Maple frosting cookies from sweet Kiera. The platter was a wedding gift to us, from Kristi and Rob. Mom borrowed it a few years ago. It’s so pretty here!

We’re all together!

Cole and Kiera took more photos – I’ll link to them when they’re up.

Midsummer Night’s Dream – An Engagement Party

15 Aug 2011

This weekend we had ourselves a bash! Here are the photos – I have to admit they are badly one-sided, with not enough of Alex’s people! (I didn’t take any photos, and the old adage is true – you never take good photos at your own party. So, that’s my disclaimer.) Alex’s mom, Becky, was our generous and gracious co-host. This gorgeous place is her garden.

Alex and Madie were adorable, the desserts were wonderful, the drinks were flowing, the fire was roaring, the lights were twinkling, the roses were fragrant, the laughter was happy… Let the wedding planning begin!