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Oscar’s Field Trip to the Arboretum

19 Apr 2013

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We went to the San Francisco Botanical Garden at the Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park. I wasn’t sure of the official name so I looked it up. (Don’t confuse it with the other cool place to see flowers, the Conservatory of Flowers.)

I’ll spare you the history, location and other details – all are found in the above links.

I always ask about tulip trees when I can. This volunteer said they are all in the magnolia family.

It was a really beautiful day, and the kids enjoyed this easy and fun escape.

Auction Art and Otherwise

02 Mar 2013

I finished my school Group Art Project last weekend, so I had a calm week. A giant thank you to Cheap Peet’s Asst. Manager Benjamin, for framing our artwork so quickly! Now I’m looking forward to tonight’s spending spree (ahem, ‘school auction’). It’s for a good cause: our childs’s public school education. Wanna buy a raffle ticket? Just kidding.

This is the collage I made, that will be up for auction (click to see it larger). Below are snapshots of the process, and a description:

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Field Trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum

06 Dec 2012

I loved the space, an SF landmark at Jesse Plaza on Mission St. The building was originally built in the 1800s, but it fell in the 1906 earthquake. In 1907 it was re-built as a PG&E Power Substation (by architect Willis Polk). Unveiled in 2005, the CJM was built as a combination of the old and the new, by architect Daniel Libeskind. It is directly opposite the Yerba Buena center for the Arts, (adjacent to the Metreon at Mission and 4th.)

The kids are studying the work of Ezra Jack Keats, in honor of his award winning book, The Snowy Day, turning 50. Here’s the recap about the artist, taken from the JCM’s website:

The private tour was so deluxe! It’s a really top notch program/outreach, our class is lucky to have been chosen. In addition to studying the books and the art that went into them, the kids will be making their own books in the style of Ezra Jack Keats. Using decoupage and photo collage, they’ll learn about themes like storytelling, writing from dreams, and depicting neighborhood realism.

The rain disappeared, and were able to eat lunch outside. Yay! It was wet, but nice.

I had so much fun – what a great group of kids!

One More Birthday Event For Oscar

28 Sep 2012

In Oscar’s class, they celebrate all the birthdays for the month on the last Friday.

I baked some XL chocolate chip cookies. Kiera hooked me up with the deluxe packaging (thanks!!). I used some old green paper that I had left over from Christmas cards three years ago. I thought it struck a nice balance between snazzy and homespun. Mark said: “Dude, they’re 2nd graders. They won’t care”

That’s Oscar’s teacher Prudence, and Natalie. Her birthday was Sept. 6th.
(I was kicking myself that I didn’t figure things out… I should have written Happy Birthday Oscar & Natalie! Oh well, mental note for next year.)

The class sings Happy Birthday 3 times.

The first one is in English, the second in Italian, the third is “silly”. You can click this to see it larger.

Oscar probably enjoyed passing out the cookies even more than eating them.

See all those girls on the left? I Love them. I should have tried for a better pic of them, but time was flying, and I’m lucky to have got what I got!

I’m so proud of my son! Seven!

I think he has great classmates.

It was a quick peek into the school day that I don’t often get to see. They’re all such great kids, I wish I had time to hangout with them more!

Oscar the Second Grader

20 Aug 2012

Off to a good start! I like his teacher a lot (that’s her in the photos – Prudence). Drop off is in the upper yard – and if you didn’t know – that’s kind of a big deal. I haven’t checked out the classroom yet (it’s off limits to parents until ‘back to school night’). We got Tamir in our class again, so that’s fun. Oscar reports everything is great. His seat is by the water fountain, “so if I get thirsty, it’s easy.” Here’s to a happy, hydrated year.

(They both picked out their outfits, entirely. I will try to have some sway tomorrow, on Lucy’s first day.)

Big hellos


Jacob in the A’s hat.

See ya after school!

No worries

Enzo the 5th grader! Last year at Clarendon!

Sweet Kiera sent over apple cookies – in time to make the morning lunchbox! Can you stand it?


—Stand by for Laurel Hill Nursery School – starts tomorrow – 1 to 4pm daily.—