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Lucy’s 3yr Check Up

30 Nov 2012

This post is long over due! I like to do an update post every birthday / Dr. Visit.

We had perfect check up with Dr. Ernster, back on 10/31.
Lucy was 32.5 lbs. (about 75%)
and 37 inches which is totally average.
Dr. Ernster made her promise to eat more vegetables.
He warned her never to cut her own hair, and she almost cried.
She got a flue shot and didn’t cry (only said, “OW!” – she can be tough that way).

This is one of her favorite shirts, which I got her for her birthday.
She is a size 3T, and her shoes are about a 9. Don’t get me started on her and shoes. It’s shoe-crazytown around here.

Her first artwork, brought home from school, ever!

Motor skills, check!

Kiera let Lucy decorate some cookies. No big deal, no giant effort. I think that’s priceless.

This was today’s classroom project.. All I can say is better ‘there’ than ‘here’!

Dominic has competition nowadays. I’m totally just kidding of course. But Lucy and Finnegan really like hanging out. Today, the two boys were literally jockeying for position. Long story short, it’s no big deal at all, but I loved Mark’s quote best of all,
“This doesn’t bode well”.

Oscar’s Check-up at Dr. Ernster’s

22 Sep 2012

All is good – nothing to report. Oscar is 80th percentile in weight and 75th percentile in height. Perfect sight and hearing. Dr. Ernster loved all the good activities Oscar has going on (Piano, Italian, Soccer, etc.)
He especially was excited about the piano lessons. We talked about it for a while.
At the end, Dr. Ernster said there would be no need for any shots. Oscar audibly exhaled, and relaxed.
We laughed, apparently Oscar had been nervous about that the whole time.

Then Oscar got his flu snifter and we were on our way.

I had promised to take Oscar out for ice cream to celebrate finishing his first piano book.
We went to Toy Boat (Clement and 5th) while Lucy finished her day at Laurel Hill.
We talked about how different and nice it felt hanging out just the two of us.

After, we had some time so we wandered over to the Sloat nursery on 3rd.
That was really fun. We hung out for almost an hour, wandering among all the beautiful plants.
(Mark would NEVER go for that.)

Oscar picked out a succulent. He was so into it, how could I resist?

Lucy’s 2 Year Old Checkup with Dr. Ernster

28 Oct 2011

Lucy weighs 27 lbs, 10 oz. which is 70th %.
She is 34 inches, which is 60th %.
Dr. Ernster asked if she could come home and live with him.
I told him how much Oscar would miss Lucy, and so we agreed to keep arrangements the way they are.

And for those of you interested,
Lucy is wearing size 2T clothes, and has a size 8 (wide) shoe.
Dora the Explorer has eclipsed Little Einsteins as her favorite show, and her favorite food is strawberries. She loves to color with pens, and her Mimi (blanket) is still her prized possession. She can run, jump, skip, and twirl until she is “zizzy”. She likes kittys, “aballoons”, and “‘alloween!!”

An Apple a Day – The 6 Year Old Check Up

08 Sep 2011

We went to see Dr. Ernster for the annual checkup.
Oscar is 53 lbs, and 47.5 inches (85th percentile for both).
He has perfect sight and hearing, no issues, and instead of any shots he got a anti-flu nasal spray.

Dr. Ernster seemed really well. We talked about how Oscar and Lucy get to go to Sebastopol (and all the benefits available to them: fresh air, swimming, playing outdoors with no cars, growing fruit and vegetables, etc.) and he recommended a recent NY Times article on gravenstein apples. The topic isn’t new to us, but it’s nice to see it get national coverage!

FYI we have a basket of these beauties in our kitchen right now – (Thanks Omi & Opi)

Lucy’s 18 month Check Up

18 May 2011

Lucy is 26 lbs. and 32 1/2 inches, both 75%.
Dr. Ernster is very happy with her growth, and called her a beautiful little girl.
He wants us to stop the bottles. He actually requested we end the bottles “Yesterday”. Hmmm. I didn’t see that coming. I don’t relish the process, but it will be nice not to be doing bottles anymore! (I can’t wait to throw them Away!)

-She still has a rash on her bum, but it appears to be getting slowly better.
-She got her second of 2 Hep A shots.
-And, she is “Precocious”, in that she is running and skipping already – these are 2 yr old motor skills.
So Dr. Ernster requested we be very vigilant, and not trust her to be as mentally mature as she is physically. (He jokingly referred to it as ‘suicide prevention’.) If she starts to climb over the baby gate at the top of the stairs, I can remove it!

Some Random Good Snaps

03 May 2011

Click any of these to see larger (and somehow, better color):

At the doctor’s last week. You never know what entertainment is in a mom’s bag.

A great April photo by Aunt Julie. I’m inspired by those colors together.

Oscar harnesses the power of the Force. Photo by Uncle Cole.

Hipster dad vintage photo, inspired by today’s Cup Of Jo post.

I pass these roses on my drive to school everyday. I have Rose Envy.

They complete our universe.