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Oscar’s Field Trip to the Arboretum

19 Apr 2013

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We went to the San Francisco Botanical Garden at the Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park. I wasn’t sure of the official name so I looked it up. (Don’t confuse it with the other cool place to see flowers, the Conservatory of Flowers.)

I’ll spare you the history, location and other details – all are found in the above links.

I always ask about tulip trees when I can. This volunteer said they are all in the magnolia family.

It was a really beautiful day, and the kids enjoyed this easy and fun escape.

Tulip Tree in Golden Gate Park

03 Feb 2012

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Yesterday was my first sighting of a tulip tree in bloom. I didn’t have my camera, so I made a point to come back today. These trees are my favorite, in the whole world, along with Redwoods (duh) and Cypress. And Ginko, and Japanese Maple. And Fig, of course, and Meyer Lemon. Can I say White Oak too? But really, how can you top hundreds of giant pink flowers in trees, all around the city? For the month of February, Tulip trees are my favorite.

I just looked at Wikipedia – the common name is Tulip tree, and they are a member of the Magnolia family. This one is right out side the front of the arboretum, on JFK.

Oscar & Lucy didn’t mind the detour after school. The weather was really warm. They could have been in short sleeves.

We walked down a path behind the Japanese Tea Garden. Lots of Rhododendrons (are those trees? if yes then they are on my list too,) but they aren’t blooming right now.

Here’s to more afternoons wandering around Golden Gate Park.

Riding A Bike (kinda like)

10 Nov 2011

Yesterday we tried a new tactic in our ongoing mission to get Oscar to ride a bike.

Mark got a gyro wheel, which you use instead of training wheels. After school, I took the kids into Golden Gate Park for a little ‘first try”. It was not a playdate – Oscar requested “no other people”.

I must skeptically note that now the whole bike weighs in at about 200 lbs (it was heavy to begin with).
But the wheel was fun, and interesting! And it’s funner than riding around with training wheels! And it’s fun riding around period (Which he wasn’t doing on his own.) He just needs more time and space. We’ll try this weekend.

Here is Oscar on the bike (sorry for lack of photos – it was hard enough to manage the Lucy situation). You can see the new front wheel:

Happy 6th Birthday Oscar!

05 Sep 2011

Here’s the slideshow of Oscar’s party, which we had on his actual birthday:


Super Dooper Crazy Huge Special Thanks to Cole and Kiera – for the Cake, the Cookies, the Photography, the Baseball Coaching, and the Time! (More precious than gold these days!) We Love you!

Oscar, if you’re reading this, I love you Kiddo!
xoxo, Mom

Off The Grid a.k.a. Truck Food

17 Jun 2011

A typical San Francisco day.. sunny but kinda windy.
We went to Childrens Playground with some friends (Trevor, Will & Ben).
Lucy was in heaven – I know I need to take her to more playgrounds, more often.

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Then we walked over to Stanyan to check out the food trucks that sort of ‘circle the wagons’ every Thursday evening. They have been growing in popularity, and I have been meaning to go check out this event (officially, Off The Grind: Upper Haight). Here’s a good blog article with pictures if you want more description.

The wind died down and it wasn’t crowded at all. It smelled fantastic. I have bought food at food trucks before, but the interesting thing here is how many trucks there are (11? at least.), and that they are all different and all good! None as cheap as a food truck should be, but at least it’s yummy. Jen, Shelly and I were in agreement, it’s not so ideal for picky eating kids. Oscar had a cheese quesidilla that I could have made him at home for cents. Whatever. It was fun for the moms. (Korean BBQ… mmmm. and pulled pork sandwich for Mark with hush puppies…)

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