Riding A Bike (kinda like)

10 Nov 2011

Yesterday we tried a new tactic in our ongoing mission to get Oscar to ride a bike.

Mark got a gyro wheel, which you use instead of training wheels. After school, I took the kids into Golden Gate Park for a little ‘first try”. It was not a playdate – Oscar requested “no other people”.

I must skeptically note that now the whole bike weighs in at about 200 lbs (it was heavy to begin with).
But the wheel was fun, and interesting! And it’s funner than riding around with training wheels! And it’s fun riding around period (Which he wasn’t doing on his own.) He just needs more time and space. We’ll try this weekend.

Here is Oscar on the bike (sorry for lack of photos – it was hard enough to manage the Lucy situation). You can see the new front wheel:

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