Lucy’s 2 Year Old Checkup with Dr. Ernster

28 Oct 2011

Lucy weighs 27 lbs, 10 oz. which is 70th %.
She is 34 inches, which is 60th %.
Dr. Ernster asked if she could come home and live with him.
I told him how much Oscar would miss Lucy, and so we agreed to keep arrangements the way they are.

And for those of you interested,
Lucy is wearing size 2T clothes, and has a size 8 (wide) shoe.
Dora the Explorer has eclipsed Little Einsteins as her favorite show, and her favorite food is strawberries. She loves to color with pens, and her Mimi (blanket) is still her prized possession. She can run, jump, skip, and twirl until she is “zizzy”. She likes kittys, “aballoons”, and “‘alloween!!”

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