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Pre-Wedding in Manhasset

25 Oct 2011

More Photos!

Thursday evening’s family dinner at Harbor Q in Port Washington. It was the perfect spot, and the perfect night.

Back at Jim and Jeanette’s (a beautiful homemade cake to celebrate Jim and Vicki’s 40th).

(can you recognize what movie we all watched?)

Friday morning the girls got our nails done, and went out for lunch, at La P’tite Framboise.

April and Lucy had biberons de lait.

Finally, we all had a great time at the rehearsal dinner. I only have this one photo, but I love it.

Lucy’s 18 month Check Up

18 May 2011

Lucy is 26 lbs. and 32 1/2 inches, both 75%.
Dr. Ernster is very happy with her growth, and called her a beautiful little girl.
He wants us to stop the bottles. He actually requested we end the bottles “Yesterday”. Hmmm. I didn’t see that coming. I don’t relish the process, but it will be nice not to be doing bottles anymore! (I can’t wait to throw them Away!)

-She still has a rash on her bum, but it appears to be getting slowly better.
-She got her second of 2 Hep A shots.
-And, she is “Precocious”, in that she is running and skipping already – these are 2 yr old motor skills.
So Dr. Ernster requested we be very vigilant, and not trust her to be as mentally mature as she is physically. (He jokingly referred to it as ‘suicide prevention’.) If she starts to climb over the baby gate at the top of the stairs, I can remove it!