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Love Letters

08 Dec 2012

I’ve been getting the Best notes from the kids!
I will just let you read them for yourselves.

At the preschool, they encourage the kids to compose “letters”, and the teachers take dictation.
(Lucy likes to crumple hers – don’t worry, it doesn’t mean she threw it out.)

And we got this one from Oscar:

Oscar’s Check-up at Dr. Ernster’s

22 Sep 2012

All is good – nothing to report. Oscar is 80th percentile in weight and 75th percentile in height. Perfect sight and hearing. Dr. Ernster loved all the good activities Oscar has going on (Piano, Italian, Soccer, etc.)
He especially was excited about the piano lessons. We talked about it for a while.
At the end, Dr. Ernster said there would be no need for any shots. Oscar audibly exhaled, and relaxed.
We laughed, apparently Oscar had been nervous about that the whole time.

Then Oscar got his flu snifter and we were on our way.

I had promised to take Oscar out for ice cream to celebrate finishing his first piano book.
We went to Toy Boat (Clement and 5th) while Lucy finished her day at Laurel Hill.
We talked about how different and nice it felt hanging out just the two of us.

After, we had some time so we wandered over to the Sloat nursery on 3rd.
That was really fun. We hung out for almost an hour, wandering among all the beautiful plants.
(Mark would NEVER go for that.)

Oscar picked out a succulent. He was so into it, how could I resist?

Ice Cream Date

16 Aug 2012

We finally got over to the ‘Ice Cream Bar’ on Cole, just below Carl. So Cute! Shelly and I actually made a date on the calendar. Isn’t that how all important stuff gets done? Also, we got to decide what was the best time to let our kids load up on ice cream. (1pm.)

Lucy managed the high-stool/big-ice-cream combo well. Thankfully the place was pretty empty.

The menu was huge, and filled with all kinds of weird stuff too. I played it safe with the Cherry soda (YUM). And I helped Lucy of course. The chocolate fudge sauce brought me back! I’ll experiment more next time. Anyone want to make a date?