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Kitchen Sink

13 Mar 2011

Photos from here and there… (click to enlarge)

We need to refinish the floors. Soon!


Still lovin’ the bathtime.

Happy to play with Chief

Returning to the scene of the crime. And not even acting guilty about it!

Oscar with his art teacher Ellen Weinstein. (love her!)

This hummingbird was so bent out of shape about the hawk!
The hawk refused to get his feathers ruffled.



17 Dec 2010

Lucy loves bath toys, and can sit in the tub with good balance now. Ironically there are no toys in this photo. It was a “quickie”. She doesn’t have much hair, so hair washing is a cinch. Oh, and she’s not all freaky about getting water in her eyes. The kids bathe together every once in a while, but both seem to prefer having the tub to themselves.

Kid pics

21 Sep 2010

An pretty random assortment I’ve got here for you!

These smelled incredible but the recipe needs work. They kinda fell apart on us. Anyone got a good recipe for us?

We have a ‘forest in progress’ because our landscape photographs that normally hang on this wall are out on loan.

Georgia has all her shots and is finally free to run! I don’t know who’s happier, Georgia, or Cole & Kiera!

Not ice cream! It’s cake with chocolate frosting!
(Adapted from Bakerella).

We don’t want any! *slam*

A couple more. The onsie is from Sarah in NY, and these Boden pants are getting lots of compliments!

Bath tonight: “Mom! This is so awesome!”