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7 Photos From The Week

05 Dec 2011

Here is your highlight reel (click any to see larger):

1. Monday: Getting clean

2. Tuesday: Oscar with his friends Trevor and Kyler after school at Midtown Terrace playground

3. Wednesday: Staying warm on a cold morning

4. Thursday: The one that got away

5. Friday: Oscar texted this photo to Mark

6. Saturday: Paperwhites growing in Oscar’s room

7. Sunday (Best for Last): Oscar and Tamir at the SF Symphony, “Deck The Hall” family holiday concert. Wow! Thanks Amanda and Barry!!

Kitchen Sink

13 Mar 2011

Photos from here and there… (click to enlarge)

We need to refinish the floors. Soon!


Still lovin’ the bathtime.

Happy to play with Chief

Returning to the scene of the crime. And not even acting guilty about it!

Oscar with his art teacher Ellen Weinstein. (love her!)

This hummingbird was so bent out of shape about the hawk!
The hawk refused to get his feathers ruffled.


The Life Of Pi

21 Oct 2010

If you haven’t read this 2001 classic, you should! The Life Of Pi is a fantasy adventure novel by Yann Martel, about a boy, “Pi” Patel, from India, who survives a shipwreck and is stranded on a boat in the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger.

But this isn’t a book report. This is a post to show off Aunt Madie’s AWESOME photojournalism via her camera phone. Sometimes you have to be quick to get the real photo. (If you miss it and try to re-create the moment, it’s never as good.)

Lucy is now too big for her inflatable ‘bathtub within the bathtub’. However, we found she is having so much fun with it on dry land. She crawls in and out of it all day long. It’s her new favorite thing. But it didn’t achieve major league CUTEness until this moment:

(click to enlarge)