The New Restoration Hardware

10 Oct 2010

Girl’s recon trip last Thursday.
Had to check out Resto’s new digs at 188 Henry Adams Street in the old Ed Hardy Antiques Showroom. (Not like I was a regular there – I think I went once with Harriet & Cecca in high school.) The place is making waves because it is a Chain store, and open to the public as opposed to The Trade. Heavens. Not sure which is worse. Read a good article if you’re interested.

It was soooo lovely. Madie, Kiera and I all agreed, the prices are so stratospheric, we might as well have been in a museum. (Full of faux antiques.) Oddly, the goods were so out of our budget that we weren’t even pining over anything. Or doing the number crunching in our heads. So it was a great little trip with a quick bite at an outdoor table in the warm sunshine.

I wish I had taken a photo of the polished cement floors there – that was probably my favorite. (I didn’t like their crunchy pea gravel outside – it looked fine but what a mess – I’d never choose it for myself.) Here, for fun, are some of the things we liked a lot – and a ridiculous price example for the thing I found for Lucy:

And here are the quick snaps I did take. :)

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