Monthly Archives: September 2010

Great Kids Music

30 Sep 2010

What can I say – It helps get through the week! Here’s what we were listening to this week, and what we will probably listen to all next week as well. Find them all on iTunes.

Mahna Mahna, by Cake.

Jellyman Kelly, by Mates of State.

My Darling Clementine, by The Submarines.

Wheels On The Bus, by Kyle Andrews.

Catch The Moon, by Lisa Loeb.

Oscar was dancin’ today. ♥

Camp Okizu ’10

27 Sep 2010

We had a quick but wonderful time at Camp Okizu family camp – the weekend was called “bereavement weekend”. It’s so special up there. Definitely worth the long drive – Oscar, “Are we there yet?” after > 1 hour.
Here’s a map that shows where the camp is (it’s the first question everyone asks.)

We paddled a canoe, hiked, collected acorns, swam in the lake, oscar caught a fish, did some archery, played connect four, sang at campfire, and of course we talked about Ava. In the morning we lit candles for her. It was a good trip!

Oscar’s House – First Homework

23 Sep 2010

(click to enlarge)
By Oscar, Age 5

The homework assignment is to learn your address, and draw your house, numbers included.
I definitely helped him (!) But the drawing is 100% his own. I showed him where to put lines, but I never touched the pencil! We used a picture of the house that Mark pulled up on his iPhone.
We’ve been seeing so much more willingness to draw since Kindergarten started (a huge relief to me!). After I scanned the picture, he colored it and let’s just say it lost a bit of it’s genius. But I had a feeling it would – that’s why I scanned it first! ha.