Daily Archives: October 1, 2010

Art Class – Thursday Afternoons

01 Oct 2010

Even though I promised myself I would not enroll Oscar in any extra classes this fall, I had to sign up for this. The art class is directly after school, in the art bungalow, with his regular school art teacher. Ms. Ruth drops him off on her way to ‘Pick Up’ in the courtyard. I come at 4:30 to get him. Easy! So many kids were signed up for Tues. and Wed. class that the art teacher, Ms. Ellen Weinstein, offered a Thursday class. We, obviously, had no problem switching. So Oscar is one of only 12 kids in the class. It was total harmony when Lucy and I showed up today. Here’s what he made:

Aunt Julie & Uncle Joe

01 Oct 2010

Julie and Joe came over to visit with us today. They are in the Bay Area for a couple days and none of us could believe that they hadn’t met Lucy yet! (They also got to meet Kiera, and Georgia too.)

I think Lucy could tell that Julie and Joe were family!

We had lunch. Luckily, I’d made chicken broth last night, so I threw together some soup! Cole and Kiera brought bread and cookies (and much needed coffee. thank you!)

Homemade chicken noodle with basil and root vegetables. ha ha.