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Lucy James, The Story Teller

18 Aug 2011

“Mommy, home!”
[my garage door opens, I begin to pull the car in]

“Daddy’s bike. Lucy go bike.”
[(to myself: wow. did she just say that?) “Sorry, sweetie, Daddy’s at work.”]

“Up. be-belt off. Cole Cole. Down!”
[“sure, we can go say hi”]

Lucy is makin’ a move these days. She has entered the game. She is climbing up on the chair, and jumping from it to the bed, with a tummy landing. She is putting her shoes on all by herself (and taking them off at will). She is jumping down stairs, causing me to go grey. And now, she’s talking about it. The only question remaining is when will she call Oscar by his name.

This morning I said, “c’mon guys, we gotta get in the car.” She said “Okay, let’s go, ‘cool!”
I love that she says Hi Bob to the crossing guard. Really cute.

letterpress card by the courtesy press

letterpress print by sycamore st press

School’s Almost Out

23 May 2011

I can’t believe it. This is Oscar’s last week of kindergarten. I’m feeling kinda sentimental.

After school with friends at Midtown Terrace

Caltrain field trip to San Mateo. Four kindergarten classes assemble in downtown San Francisco, board, ride, and de-board without a hitch! We so rocked that!

Oscar’s Class in the Chronicle

22 Mar 2011

First of all, I didn’t love the article. It’s misleading. There’s a lot more going on than this over-simplified article lays it out. Whatever.
Also, Oscar isn’t in the photo, but it was still exciting for him to see his teacher and classmates in the newspaper. (The part about Clarendon is at the end.)
Nobody we know got Clarendon this year. Even with all the changes to the lottery, it’s the same story as last year: some are happy, some are not!

Carnivale Masks

14 Mar 2011

Oscar’s class celebrated Carnivale last Tuesday (the Italian Fat Tuesday).
(I gave Oscar a bunch of Mardi Gras beads to share with his classmates,
but of course he forgot and they stayed in his backpack all day. Ces’t la vie!)

After school with his friends, Oscar, Elena, Shayan and Tamir:
(click to see larger)

Thanks for the photo Shideh!

Pajama Day at Clarendon

24 Feb 2011

School wide pajamas and stuffies. Even some of the adults are in on it (remind me to throw on a robe next year). Oscar forgot to bring Sharkie as was the plan – luckily we had not one, but two random stuffed animals in the car. (Sometimes it does pay to keep a cluttered car!)

Happily we parked next to Enzo and Carla:

And just got to class on time:

Oscar wore two pairs of pjs due to the chilly weather: