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Lucy’s New Kitchen

29 Apr 2012

Dear Trevor,
Thank you for giving me your “Ch’chin”!
I love it so much! Come and play with it any time!
I will bake you an upside-down cake.
love, Lucy

The kitchen came with pots and pans, and plates and utensils – all kinds of stuff. Also, Aunt Madie got me some yummy play food last Christmas. I’m all set!


Visiting Jeanette and Jim’s in Manhasset

23 Oct 2011

One of the best things about being in New York before the wedding was getting to spend quality time with Kiera’s family! Jeanette and Jimmy invited us to stay with them! (It was arranged we would sleep in their “basement” – Oscar renamed it the Apartment because it was so large and so nice).

Lucy and Oscar slept on the drive in from the Hamptons.

Jeanette got out some toys she’d been saving since Kiera and Lauren were girls – including this whole kitchen!

Kiera with Lauren and Baby April

♥ Jeanette ♥

There were a lot of cute pre-wedding moments

On the platform, waiting for the LIRR. Off to Manhattan!