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Camp Okizu – Family Camp – Labor Day Weekend 2013

25 Sep 2013


We had SO much fun! For those of you that don’t know, Camp Okizu is a camp for families affected by childhood cancer. We first heard about it when one of our favorite UCSF nurses went to work at the oncology camp. We’ve been before and we hope to go again!

This year we were thrilled that the Reibel family could come up with us! Rosalie, a girl in Oscar’s 3rd grade class, was diagnosed with a brain tumor (medulloblastoma) when she was a baby. She’s a Rockstar!! Our families have been friends since meeting at Clarendon. I’m so proud and in awe of Rosalie! This is her website.

And so, the nine of us shared a cabin, and the two families clicked really well!
Half of these photos were taken by Mark Reibel (all the best ones if you’re wondering) and let me say it was SO nice to take the pressure off, photo-wise. It was such a treat to receive his dropbox full of awesome memories! — So – here’s back at ya Mark!

**And don’t think we were sitting around with our cameras out… I was able to “unplug” entirely,
and my phone-as-camera was mostly stashed away. ;)
We were busy the whole weekend! Okizu is a masterpiece. Special thanks to three of the kid’s most favorite counselors, ZaZa, Eggo, and Woo. (I know – don’t you love counselor names?)

>>> This link is to the SLIDESHOW of Mark and my photos: <<<

(It should play on your mobile device, but try for wi-fi!)

Stay Tuned.. There are rumors of Oscar and Rosalie’s sister, Susannah, going up together next summer for sleepaway camp!

Lucy’s First Charlotte Playdate

23 Sep 2013

It went really well! Lucy has been super attached to Charlotte almost since school year began, and has been begging to have her over. This year Lucy has been focusing on friendship, and who might be her ‘best friend’. (Last year we saw small glimpses of this, but then the friend moved away.) But this new thing is all a little intense and so we are relieved things went, and continue to go, so well! Charlotte is cool and sweet and doesn’t seem to be intimated by Lucy’s overt displays of affection. She seems to be equally excited to be friends! So, Yay!

Mark made buttermilk pancakes – “How bad could that be”

Then they played dress up.



Then they danced “on stage” to (big surprise): “Call Me Maybe”

All the photos are a bit dark because we had a surprise rainy day downpour – in September!?

Then they watched some Little Mermaid. They play this at school together, even though Laurel hill is supposedly no characters. ;)
All in all, a great day.

Bon Voyage Cole & Kiera!

21 Sep 2013


As I write this now, Cole and Kiera have just arrived at their new home in Concord, Mass.
They have driven their cross country road trip – coast to coast! – with some wonderful adventures along the way.
To see their pics, search (the hashtag, on instagram) #hashtagbigmove

We had a little going away party the night before they left…
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Playgroup Birthday Party – 8!

17 Sep 2013


We had such a wonderful time at Renee and Mikes! They happen to live in my dream house – it’s cool, they’re just saving it for me.
The kids still love each other. Well, the moms do, and the kids are happy.
It was so good to see everyone on a beautiful sunshine-y day.
(here are my iPhone snapshots – all of them complete afterthoughts, or back ups to the better cameras in attendance.)

Thank you again Renee!!!

Oscar’s Birthday Dinner

04 Sep 2013

What a nice evening we had! Omi & Opi came over, and so did Nanu & Chief, and Cole & Kiera. Everyone brought food, presents, and dessert! We had a yummy (easy) spaghetti dinner, with green salad and fruit salad and garlic bread. We followed it with 2 birthday desserts: a cake from Ben & Jerry’s, and homemade ice cream cake sundaes from Sweet Kiera that were gorgeous and crazy delicious. Oscar was in ice cream heaven. He is also in Star wars heaven – thanks for the gifts!


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