Beautiful Day In Napa

28 Jun 2011

The Schmidts invited us up to enjoy the pool and a barbeque at Carmen’s home in Silverado. We got our first swimming of the summer! The weather was absolutely perfect.

The Kellys came along too – aren’t they so cute?

Helmut caught a baby rattlesnake! It wanted to bite us, but it couldn’t get out of the bucket. He took this pic:

I had a couple of drinks, relaxed, and promptly forgot to take any more photos until we were leaving. The food was amazing. (Wish I had a photo.) Carmen made her Salvadoran baked beans. Lucy ate steak and ribs!

The sun is setting so late these days, and of course we weren’t watching the clock. The kids were up past 9. Counting the fact that Lucy only slept 30 minutes in the car, and swam for a couple hours, it might as well have been midnight for her. Thanks honey for driving us home safely! :) Also, thanks Jamey and Helmut – awesome day!!

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