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Piano Ballet

18 Jul 2011

It’s getting rather girlie around here…
(and I’m loving it!)

Maria played Mozart, Dvorak and Schubert for us, and the girls taught Lucy some ballet.

The music was perfect for dancing – Maria amazed me! She played beautifully.

Franz Schubert was a famous writer and conductor from Vienna, and Oscar and Lucy are direct descendants of Franz’s sister (Franz had no children of his own). Maria played from “Rosamunde”.

At the end of the music, the girls finished with their hands in the air, and took their bow gracefully.

Next time, I promise a video. Sometimes I don’t realize when maybe a video would be better. Still, you get the idea… It’s thanks to Kristi that I had 3 tutus in the house!


18 Jul 2011

Oscar was so proud of this drawing. He was so happy he must have blissed out and lost his concentration – he left it alone with Lucy and a pen for like 3 minutes. Way long enough for it to be, wait for it, … “wooand!” (Oscar’s R’s are still very W-ish.)

I told him I’d have to take it out in photoshop. And I can, but now I’m attached to the scribble as part of the work. I think of it as fan noise. (Oscar didn’t buy that. Can you?)