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Lucy’s First Potty

29 Apr 2011

We aren’t trying to “train” Lucy yet. As it was, she just happened to be “airing out” today.
Not surprisingly, she had a small accident on the floor. She has a teeny, tiny bladder!
Lucy hates that for some reason – it really upsets her. She started to cry..
I suggested she go to the bathroom and sit on her potty. She did! And she went!

This is our new fancy potty.

Funny Looking Crayons

28 Apr 2011

Someone gave these to us a while ago, and I can’t remember who! Was it you? At the time, I just thought they were odd. But free, and I was in no position to look a gift horse in the mouth. I never am.
Now I know better. They are AWESOME and I’d LOVE to thank the mystery person. This blog post is the best I can do. Come out, come out, whoever you are, and claim your spot in my heart!

The reason these are so cool? They are designed for little hands to hold. They’re an aid to developing fine motor skills (and hand-eye co-ordination). They help guide a child’s early abilities to grip a writing utensil. Those skinny crayons don’t fit in a little hand nearly as well. All the OT’s reccommend a chunky crayon, and the child development specialists, and the preschool teachers, and… me too! Once you get used to the shape, you will love them.

From eHow:
To develop the proper open web space in their hand — the place they should hold a writing utensil — allow preschoolers to use specific preschool crayons. These crayons are best used when drawing on a vertical surface to promote proper wrist and hand movement. Preschool crayons are round and short with a hole down the center. Stuff the hole with cotton to prevent the child from putting his finger in the hole. When children use these short, wide crayons, the web space between the thumb and first finger is stretched and the muscle strengthens.

Lucy likes to stack and sort them, as well as draw with them.

You can find similar ones on Amazon.

Easter At Omi And Opi’s (Easter Pt. III)

25 Apr 2011

(Click to Enlarge!)

We had SUCH a nice time! Dinner was delicious lamb roast with new potatoes and asparagus. Gesa and I had fun making a gravy with Grand Marnier! Omi out-did herself with an egg hunt as soon as we got in the door – and so much delicious chocolate! (She has terrific taste in chocolate). The last photos are of Lucy devouring a giant Belgian chocolate ladybug, filled with little chocolate ladybugs. Inge didn’t make it into any photos, but she was there too! We all had a really great evening. ♥