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Backyard Camping

30 Jun 2011

Okay, check that one off the list. If he wants to do it again, he can ask his father.
(The lawn is not as soft as it looks!)
Oscar was really cute though. His eyes sparkled and his grin was ear to ear. It was certainly worth the 6 trips back and forth to the house for last minute necessities like a water bottle, and a story, stuffed animals and the right pillow. Flashlights were everywhere, and Mark and Oscar used walkie talkies to iron out details. (G’nite Dad. Over.) I tried to use them to order a morning latte delivered, but apparently it doesn’t work like that. (Whats the opposite of “roger that”?)
It was chilly outside- the wind had died away, but the temperature was around 55. Inside the tent, it was cozy, and the little night lite Mark plugged in was reassuring. (Don’t all backyard tents come equipped with industrial strength extension cords?) We were both sleepy when the stories were over. Oscar turned out the bigger light and then snuggled up to me. He said, “This is so fun mom. I’m glad you’re here.” Sweet huh. I think I fell asleep before Oscar did. Or maybe it was a tie.

iphone photos by Mark

Camping in Butano (Pescadero)

30 Jun 2011

Ahh, car camping with the family. One night only, and we didn’t even cook dinner. We went out to a wonderful old restaurant, Duartes (pronounced, “doo-erts”. Butano is pronounced “boot-a-noh”.) The trip was taken for Chief’s birthday (June 20th). He treated us all to the delicious dinner – crab, and lamb… and cocktails! Thanks!

It was a nice time with the family – we missed Alex – but we did talk weddings, and we ate marshmellows, and it was all very fun. (Right up until Lucy wouldn’t sleep. That took the fun right out of things.) But Oscar was a champ – no complaints, in fact he was LOVING every minute of it. His favorite part was sitting around the fire with everyone, at night, playing “Apples to Apples”.)

Most all of the camping photos here were taken by Cole or Kiera. Thanks guys! Nana, thanks for making the reservations and Helmut thanks for lending the extra tent – I guess we’re in the market for a new tent? We all got a kick out of our matching yellow domes.

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The next day we hit the beach – so pretty.

Lucy’s First Swim Lesson

30 Jun 2011

Wow it went so great! I should have guessed. Lucy rocked it.
The lessons are at La Petit Baleen. The photos will speak for themselves. She’s such a little peanut. Cole took Lucy in, because I have a little cut I didn’t want to get wet. So, thanks so much Uncle Cole!
We scheduled Oscar and Lucy’s lessons for the exact same time. Next week I will be in the pool and not able to snap any photos – so this worked out perfectly.

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Beautiful Day In Napa

28 Jun 2011

The Schmidts invited us up to enjoy the pool and a barbeque at Carmen’s home in Silverado. We got our first swimming of the summer! The weather was absolutely perfect.

The Kellys came along too – aren’t they so cute?

Helmut caught a baby rattlesnake! It wanted to bite us, but it couldn’t get out of the bucket. He took this pic:

I had a couple of drinks, relaxed, and promptly forgot to take any more photos until we were leaving. The food was amazing. (Wish I had a photo.) Carmen made her Salvadoran baked beans. Lucy ate steak and ribs!

The sun is setting so late these days, and of course we weren’t watching the clock. The kids were up past 9. Counting the fact that Lucy only slept 30 minutes in the car, and swam for a couple hours, it might as well have been midnight for her. Thanks honey for driving us home safely! :) Also, thanks Jamey and Helmut – awesome day!!

Hot Day At Trevor’s (46th Avenue!)

27 Jun 2011

We went to Trevor’s last week, to play in his backyard and clubhouse (“Mom, it’s not a clubhouse if you don’t have your buddy in it with you”.) Needless to say, No Girls Allowed.

At 2pm the fog was threatening to blow in to SF, so I had to step on it. I was racing west on Geary, and wondering who would win the race to 46th ave. Somehow, the fog changed it’s mind, and the afternoon turned hot. Sunscreen hot! We even borrowed some sun hats as you will see. Shelly made the most amazing Mango Pineapple juice in her juicer that I am now coveting.. All in all, a really fun playdate! Thanks Shells!

Ps. This tree lives in their neighbors yard. Isn’t it beautiful? Growing up I remember a dislike for cypress trees – now I love them! What was I thinking!

Cars 2 at the Balboa

27 Jun 2011

The kids liked it. So much went over their heads, and that’s a good thing. Don’t get me started on a rant about violence and torture scenes in kids movies.

We met up with Shelly and Trevor, Jen with Will and Ben, Katie with Issy and Eva, and even saw Tiago and Matteo with their grandparents.

This photo is a miracle because when the kids saw the moms break out the cameras, they scattered like dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly.

Omi, thank you for watching Lucy, and I’m so sorry she picked off all the orchid flowers!