A Week In February

12 Feb 2012

I often wonder where the early months of the year go. Ours are low-profile, and mixed with an odd assortment of things. No big parties or trips. Here is last week, roughly: an assortment.      (click on any to enlarge)

The Niners missed the Superbowl by one game. We distracted ourselves with Kiera’s chicken wings (the only wings I’ve ever loved) and Mark’s Superbowl Squares, which kinda sucks these days ’cause I don’t know enough of the players/winners.

Lucy loves Peeky-Boo, and Karen.

Cereal Beautification.

A rare Play-doh moment (I don’t like the way it smells, so I hardly ever bring it out)

Room 103 does Art for the Auction. I read this book to Oscar (over multiple nights) and had warm fuzzy flashbacks.

Opi says, “Kids, sugar is bad for you”…

…Then serves up the ice cream.

The neighbor’s shower curtain art that is driving me crazy, and Lucy sleeping, which I always love.

We make brownies, and decorate Kiera’s cookies for UJ.

Lucy’s first soccer practice, followed by playground time, with her friend Taj.

We babysit Eloise for the first time, so Lachie can take Izzie out for her birthday.


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