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Justin Morgan Had a Horse

19 Feb 2012

(This post is late – oh well.)
Two weeks ago, maybe 3, I read Justin Morgan Had a Horse to Oscar. It took a little while, because I just read a couple of chapters each night.

The story was perfect – it’s about a young boy who grows up with a special horse in his life. It takes place in Vermont, in “the Old Days” a.k.a. the 1790s. Oscar had some trouble picturing the world the way it was then, but I think it’s important for him to get a little historical imagery. I could tell when he was having trouble understanding a concept, so I’d stop reading and explain. We talked about the way horses were used then, and I explained some words and phrases that aren’t in use anymore. I had to explain a lot, but it was okay.

The illustrations are really nice, and helped Oscar with the story. I wonder which book I should read him next?

Park Branch is Open

26 Feb 2011

Lucy's new library card

Park Branch Library at 1833 Page St. has re-opened, and we went to check it out. The 101-year-old library, which first opened its doors in 1909, was fully renovated: the large neo-classical Reading Room has been restored, and the Community Meeting Room on the ground floor is nice new space. We spontaneously decided to walk down for the festivities, and it was certainly a fun family thing to do.

(Click any of these to see larger, arrow key will advance.)

The Scene outside was classic Haight ambiance. This is one block from Madie’s old apartment.

On a normal day it’s easy to drive by and miss seeing the building, but not today! I hope to combine future library trips with the new Whole Foods around the corner.

Upstairs is the main reading room and book checkout. Downstairs is the community room where they had Acro Sports people performing to music.

Oscar checked out two books and a movie. I explained how he needs to return them in two weeks. (one week for the movie). The good news is kids don’t have late fees!