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Oscar – A Mini Update

30 Nov 2012

Cole took this – I love it!
Oscar came along on an official Natural Light photo-shoot last weekend.
He wants to be a photographer when he grows up. Isn’t that awesome?!

People keep singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” – Of course Oscar has never even heard the song, and just thinks it’s weird.

Oscar loves video games now. He plays this on our new iPad Mini.

Mark and I had our parent-teacher conference with his AMAZING teacher, Prudence Hull. She thinks he’s doing perfectly. Just where he should be. I thought about putting his report card here, but I don’t need to. It’s all 3s, not a single 2. “Student consistently demonstrates mastery of the standard”. She said he’s a pleasure ♥.

Soccer is over. It was great in so many ways.
We are eagerly looking forward to coach pitch baseball in the spring.

Lucy’s 3yr Check Up

30 Nov 2012

This post is long over due! I like to do an update post every birthday / Dr. Visit.

We had perfect check up with Dr. Ernster, back on 10/31.
Lucy was 32.5 lbs. (about 75%)
and 37 inches which is totally average.
Dr. Ernster made her promise to eat more vegetables.
He warned her never to cut her own hair, and she almost cried.
She got a flue shot and didn’t cry (only said, “OW!” – she can be tough that way).

This is one of her favorite shirts, which I got her for her birthday.
She is a size 3T, and her shoes are about a 9. Don’t get me started on her and shoes. It’s shoe-crazytown around here.

Her first artwork, brought home from school, ever!

Motor skills, check!

Kiera let Lucy decorate some cookies. No big deal, no giant effort. I think that’s priceless.

This was today’s classroom project.. All I can say is better ‘there’ than ‘here’!

Dominic has competition nowadays. I’m totally just kidding of course. But Lucy and Finnegan really like hanging out. Today, the two boys were literally jockeying for position. Long story short, it’s no big deal at all, but I loved Mark’s quote best of all,
“This doesn’t bode well”.

Crab Night

27 Nov 2012

click any photo to see it larger

instagram by Madie

Kiss that Crab!

Oscar ate Crab! YAY! (Amazing, really. He REALLY wanted to like it.)

Zach and Kate made amazing biscuits! Ha ha So good now they have to bring them every crab night!

Look closely… One of these dinners is not like the others… :)
Also notice: we dispense with the dinner plates and use the chargers instead
– they’re bigger!

Thank you Cole, for taking the gorgeous photos. Now I’m hungry again. When is the Next Crab Night?

Xmas Card Runner Up, And Wishes

19 Nov 2012

(click for larger)

Now that I have my real card photo all wrapped up, I can share this runner-up happily.
I like this shot. For minimal effort, the results were fine. I couldn’t get a good close up.

Also, I sort of made a mistake in telling them I wanted to try for a Christmas Card.
So of course, my outfit-obsessed daughter pulls out her biggest, fanciest red velvet gown.
(Do you remember it from last year? I’m happy it still fits. I do love it, just maybe not for a casual walk in the park). She insisted with tears, so I acquiesced.

I’m very excited to place the order on our real holiday card soon!


Tonight I was talking to the kids at dinner about Santa.
Oscar still remembers The Visit, but is starting to have some questions on the whole big picture.
I steered the conversation to safety: “So what do you think he’ll bring you?”

Oscar: I’m getting Coal this year!
Me: Pshaw. (of all the kids… yeah right.)
Oscar: No, really!
Me: Kids don’t actually get coal. If they’ve been bad, and are in danger of geting coal, they always clean up their act for the month of December. If you turn it around then Santa forgives.
Oscar: {happy with that}
Oscar: Oh, and I want a remote control Helicopter.

Lucy: I want a Dress!
Me: Really? What about some fun toys? Santa has good ones.
Lucy: No, I want a pretty dress.
Me: Okay. What does it look like? Is it fancy?
Lucy: Um, yes. It’s really, really, Really fancy. And it’s purple.
Me: What? You have a purple dress. Kiera just gave you a purple dress.
Lucy: Oh yeah… I want a Pink One from Santa!
Me: (whew. close one.) What else do you you think you might want for Christmas?
Lucy: Treats!
Me: Treats, like to eat?
Lucy: Yes! Treats! Treats! Treats!
Me: what kind of treats? Cake? Cookies? ..Candy?
Lucy: Donuts.