First Day of School – 1st Grade!

15 Aug 2011

Oscar got Sue for his teacher, and is thrilled to have Lucas in his class. We had a very smooth morning with only one comment of “Mommy I’m nervous!” – Hope he has fun today! (p.s. Where did summer go?! That was fast!)

We forgot to take a photo of the kids on the front steps of the house. I blame that on my sleepyness. Shoot! There goes that tradition. Maybe I’ll fake it tomorrow morning?

Here’s our drive to school – to the left is a big view of Eureka valley/Castro.

We parked across the street and walked down the hill together.


The classic. I love how this one came out.

Here’s out teacher, Sue Clemente, with Alyssa, from last year’s class.

Hooray! SO happy for this.

There they go…

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