Happy Halloween 2010!

01 Nov 2010

M eanwhile, back at the casa… It was a RACE to carve the giant jack-o-lanterns, scrap together a ninja costume, pose for photos, pack up the crew, and get to our party on time. Thank heavens for Cole and Kiera (all the good photos below are Cole’s). We were invited to Oscar’s classmate’s home for Halloween. Shayan is such a sweetie, and his mom, Shideh, decorated their whole flat. We had lots for yummy food and drink, and they even put the game on. What game? No, you did not just ask that. (p.s. Below, note Mark’s clever “man-bag” full of G-men!)
So everyone was having a great time when it became time to head out for trick-or-treating. We walked along 6th avenue towards Lake St., where 6th dead ends. Then we came back the other side of the street. There were lots of people: young kids in really cute costumes! The weather was Awesome. Everyone was in a great mood. Then we came home (the kids were tired) in time to see the Giants Win! High fives and Candy.

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