Daily Archives: November 18, 2010

Lucy’s one year checkup with Dr. Ernster

18 Nov 2010

Lucy is 22 pounds, 10 ounces (that’s 75th % for those of you following along). She is 30 inches tall, also 75th %. She received Dr. Ernster’s favorite and highest complement to her health: “Lucy is just Thriving.”
She got 4 shots, covering everything from mmr to flu to the kitchen sink.

And we talked about New Orleans pretty much the whole visit.

Extra Special Second Cup Today

18 Nov 2010

I usually have my morning coffee as soon as I can after I wake up.
On school mornings, that coffee is necessary, reliable and not very memorable.
When I get back from dropping O. at school, I usually have time to appreciate a second cup. Don’t tell anyone that I microwave it. (One day I’ll get a really great espresso machine – till then…)

This morning I opened the fridge to a surprise present from Sweet Kiera!
A chill is in the November air, the light is streaming through my southern exposure, and I am delaying my computer tasks in the quiet bliss of Lucy’s nap time.

hmmm. still just primer on my door.

hmmm. need to wash those windows.

hmmm. coconut and lemon. mmmmm.