Blue Angels

08 Oct 2010

Fleet Week!

We had our own little field trip up the hill today. I drove the kids up to Twin Peaks to look for Blue Angels. I was tired of having them overhead, but only for .8 of a second before they went out of view. Also, I wanted to show Oscar the concept of an air show before he developed a hunted feeling.

Oscar’s school is right by Twin Peaks, so at 3:40 on the drive home, I took a right instead of going straight. We got the last parking spot in the top lot, and hurried to the rail in hopes of catching the last 10 minutes.

It was Lovely. Gorgeous day, and Beautiful airplanes over the whole city. I didn’t have my camera with me since it was so spontaneous, (and too bad no camera in my phone…), but it was nice to be able to enjoy my kids for a moment without hunting for a good photo the whole time.

here, this is exactly what we saw, in case you want a visual:


We have thoroughly enjoyed the Blue Angels. Oscar made lots of use of the Viewing Deck up our back stairs. Here are our home versions:

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