Lucy Interview

28 Jul 2012

I was making dinner the other night, but had to turn the burners down in order to faithfully record this spontaneous Q & A between brother and sister. I even did it covertly so as not to influence anything.

{Oscar} Lucy, how do you say Goodnight?
{Lucy} You read a bedtime story.

{O} Do you see the clouds outside?
{L} Yes, but they are not sparkling today.

[thats what led me to grab a pen]

{O} What about a tree?
{L} It’s blowing in the wind.

{O} How about our house?
{L} Because it’s getting fixed.
[she’s referring to our floor refinishing]

{O} What if we go to a park?
{L} Because I like a playground.

{O} What about a picture?
{L} Picture is a camera.

{O} Do you want some juice?
{L} Because I really like my juice sippy cup. It’s on the compiano.


We don’t know why, but lots of Lucy nouns have a “com-” prefix. Mark thinks it has to do with “computer”. Partial list: com-giraffe, com-ice cream, com-banana, com-phone, com-backpack.
These cute word things are short lived. It’s hard to remember, but not long ago she used to say “Allerina” Alloween, abaloons, and more, but now I forget!

Still, nothing beats Oscar’s not liking pizza. Yet. ;)

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