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Dinner With The Zaninovich Family

29 Jul 2013


We met Andy, Katy, and kids (Tom, Peter and Marie) for dinner at the Market Bar, which is a fun place down at the Ferry Building. I chose it so Andy and I could eat some Oysters together. And shrimp, halibut, crab, clams, etc. We two have to support each other, as our spouses both don’t love seafood.

These guys had just come from a Giants game. (As you can see they geared up at the Dugout. Good Giants fans have to keep it sharp when living in the Bakersfield area – surrounded by Dodger’s fans!) We had so much fun, picking things up right where we left off last time. I love that about old friends! Actually it was even more fun to see the kids get along! We hope to go see them for a weekend in October. Fingers Crossed :)

New Cousin: Hank James Rice

27 Jul 2013


Hank James Rice was born on July 25th… If you guessed 9 pounds (like I did) you’d be really close: he was 9lbs, 1oz. The delivery went really well and Madie is feeling good! Alex is a proud and loving papa. Hank is a sweetheart – We can tell already. Isn’t he adorable?!



He has beautiful thick blonde hair. We’re all gaga over it.



Email me if you need Madie and Alex’s new address!

Summer Daze – Goofing Off at the Academy

24 Jul 2013

We are all on COUSIN WATCH around here…
So I have nothing scheduled, on purpose.
(You thought it was hard waiting for the Royal Baby?!)

And hence, a random trip to the Academy.

We parked here.

Oscar was proud that he knew the way to the museum. He bikes this street with Mark on Sundays when the street is closed to traffic. He became our official tour guide.

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An East Bay Summer Day, With Family

19 Jul 2013

(And, Camera)
Cole took these sweet shots yesterday. We went over to see Madie and Alex, and I had it in mind to help her in the baby’s room, but we ended up not accomplishing much. Instead, we walked over to Piedmont Ave to get fish tacos at Baja Taqueria. Chief and Nanu met us there (We were all waving at the car. I *LOVE* good timing). After, we walked to a bookstore. I had flashbacks to Dad buying books for me and Madie. And then we came back and sat on the porch. It was niiiice. Madie is 39 weeks, in case you are wondering – due date is next Friday.

If you have a big monitor, click to view the picture larger, then advance with your arrow key.



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