Ava in The SF Chronicle

11 Apr 2013

I was recently interviewed for a story about childhood cancers, not the ones that are doing well, but the ones that haven’t seen improvements. The article was written by a recently bereaved mother (who I greatly enjoyed talking with), and it was published today.

Here’s Ava on the Front Page:


Here is a snapshot of the article:


Mark has made a .pdf so you can read the whole thing more easily. There are 3 pages. The file will open in a new tab:


There is a link to the article online, but you need a subscription to read past the first little bit.

Thank you, everyone, who has used this opportunity to check in and say something sweet! We love the good wishes! I hope to have something new and nice to show you on her birthday, which is coming soon… May 7th – she would have been Ten! Which makes ten years of parenthood for us. Maybe we should go out to celebrate?
Anyways, stay tuned for more Ava goodness.

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