New Bunk Bed

08 Apr 2013

I did it!
Actually, if anyone did anything, it was Mark, who put put the whole thing together, perfectly, in 2 hours.
But let me start at the beginning.

Here is Oscar seconds after I said yes. Note the look of happy disbelief.

I’ve been hemming & hawing SO much lately about the kid’s room, and what to do for them.
Do they have to share? What kind of bed situation would be best? How do we fit them both into one small bedroom? In all of our lovely home, we really are unable to carve out a third bedroom. I’ve finally come to grips with that.

Here’s a text with my sister, a genuine assessment of the situation:

We brought the kid’s crib over to Madie’s new house, (yay!) and that was the impetus for the change. No more toddler bed meant a chain reaction of furniture changes. But the first thing was to set up the bunks…

A daunting package of wood, with a textbook of instructions. (Hallelujah, it was all in there.)

Oscar helped

Oscar grew bored and disappeared

Oscar had to try it our before it was even finished (and Lucy, the peanut I mean peanut gallery)

Happy – He may not get his own room, but at least he gets his own altitude.

I took a midnight photo (instagram):

I’m not finished adjusting the rest of everything.
I’ll do a proper photo when I’ve got it all finished.
Here are some interim photos until them:





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