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I’m Still Here

28 Feb 2012

Did I go almost a week without posting anything?

I’ve been working on some projects (art projects for Clarendon, wedding related stuff.. nothing blog worthy. Yet.) Actually, I’ve been enjoying lots of time to myself, with the peace of not having anything “due”. I space out on Pinterest and I watch the Bachelor. Both are great escapes.


Maybe this will buy me some more time :)

Official Winner

22 Feb 2012

I was changing Lucy’s diaper and we were having a conversation.
I was telling her I would get a toy out of the closet so she wouldn’t have to bug Oscar.
I said, “do you know what game or toy you want?”
And she says, all wide-eyed and cute, “I want Max and Ruby, Mommy. It’s my best.”
“Max and Ruby is your best?”
“Yes, mommy. It’s my best!”

Bath Time Sensory Fun

19 Feb 2012

I found this idea on Pinterest:

This was so much fun! The glow sticks were a gift from Grand Aunt Pam. (thank you!) I’d saved most of them for a ‘rainy day’. I told the kids I was making them a surprise bath, but I didn’t show them the glow sticks. I said they needed to wait in the hall while the tub filled. So there was anticipation. I ran the water, and added just a little of my favorite bubble bath. (Mustela of course!)
Then, when I’d broken the sticks, given them a shake, and tossed them in the warm water, I turned off the lights and opened the door.
I said, “Come in to the see the bath tub!” They Loved it! They Oohed and aww’d. I lit a couple of tea light candles for extra ambiance, but kept the lights off. It was great. The kids would not leave the tub! I had to fill the bath with more hot water because they were in there so long.

Justin Morgan Had a Horse

19 Feb 2012

(This post is late – oh well.)
Two weeks ago, maybe 3, I read Justin Morgan Had a Horse to Oscar. It took a little while, because I just read a couple of chapters each night.

The story was perfect – it’s about a young boy who grows up with a special horse in his life. It takes place in Vermont, in “the Old Days” a.k.a. the 1790s. Oscar had some trouble picturing the world the way it was then, but I think it’s important for him to get a little historical imagery. I could tell when he was having trouble understanding a concept, so I’d stop reading and explain. We talked about the way horses were used then, and I explained some words and phrases that aren’t in use anymore. I had to explain a lot, but it was okay.

The illustrations are really nice, and helped Oscar with the story. I wonder which book I should read him next?

Lucy’s First Soccer

19 Feb 2012

Did you know they have soccer for 2 year olds?
It’s kinda silly, but fun – if the weather is nice (it was). And if you like the coach (I really do!). Actually there were two coaches – horribly excessive considering the talent of these soccer playing professionals. Over qualified is an understatement, but they coach all the different age-groups in “Soccer Kids“, so I get it. Coach Tim is Oscar’s coach, of the Lightening Strikers. They play on Saturdays, with late afternoon practice on Thursdays.
Tim invited me to come to a couple of weekday morning 2-3 y.o. practices with Lucy for free.

Lucy is not quite ready for organized sports yet. The “practices” were fine, but I won’t be signing up for the next session. She has plenty of time. In the fall she will begin preschool. The way it will go, due to her October birthday, is she’ll have 2 years of preschool, followed by a year of pre-K, before enrolling at Clarendon for kindergarten.

Still, it was a fun moment for me to be there for her first practice ever on a field! I was inspired! May there be many more!