Lucy’s First Soccer

19 Feb 2012

Did you know they have soccer for 2 year olds?
It’s kinda silly, but fun – if the weather is nice (it was). And if you like the coach (I really do!). Actually there were two coaches – horribly excessive considering the talent of these soccer playing professionals. Over qualified is an understatement, but they coach all the different age-groups in “Soccer Kids“, so I get it. Coach Tim is Oscar’s coach, of the Lightening Strikers. They play on Saturdays, with late afternoon practice on Thursdays.
Tim invited me to come to a couple of weekday morning 2-3 y.o. practices with Lucy for free.

Lucy is not quite ready for organized sports yet. The “practices” were fine, but I won’t be signing up for the next session. She has plenty of time. In the fall she will begin preschool. The way it will go, due to her October birthday, is she’ll have 2 years of preschool, followed by a year of pre-K, before enrolling at Clarendon for kindergarten.

Still, it was a fun moment for me to be there for her first practice ever on a field! I was inspired! May there be many more!

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