Valentines Day Party At School

14 Feb 2011

This was the sweetest little class party you could imagine. Ms. Ruth runs a tight ship – always – so the kids know how to behave. They were excited and happy, but no one was shouting, running around or causing friction. It was pretty amazing. They were busy little bees, passing out their valentines, or cookies, or other treats. They all had decorated paper sacks to keep all the goodies, and pink-heart napkins. The Valentines are so cute with the kids hand written names on them! Total flashback.

Lucy did pretty well! (Did you see her new rain boots? Thanks Kristi!!)
She sat at a table for a long time, with her sippy cup and some treats. The chairs are just the right size. When she got a little braver, she toured the classroom. The kids are all really nice to her. When she saw the big bin of crayons, she grabbed two giant handfuls of them and tried to make a break for it. Other than that she was pretty well behaved. I suppose it’s contagious!

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