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Van Gogh’s Bedroom

23 Feb 2011

Oscar’s kindergarten class studied Vincent Van Gogh last fall.
This little work of art came home at least two months ago, in the backpack, but I am just posting it now. I don’t know how Ellen (the art teacher) had the students go about painting the rooms. I can make an educated guess that they weren’t supposed to copy the room outright. I’ll try and ask her about the process tomorrow.

And, just in case you want to reference the real thing:

The Bedroom (French: La Chambre à coucher)

Oscar’s Fort-Bed

23 Feb 2011

This week Oscar Benjamin has been sleeping in the living room, under the table, in the fort he made on Saturday.

He has an inflatable camping pad in there, and ALL the pillows, so it’s super comfortable. Is this the new thing? How long will it last?

When asked his opinion, Mark replied, “Well, at least he’s staying in the fort all night. He’s not joining us at 5am like he usually does. He’s even sleeping later than normal.”

I asked Oscar what he liked best about the new sleeping arrangement. He replied,
“Booker is nice to have for company”.
Well that pretty much melted away any misgivings I had! Whack away, kiddo.

These snaps don’t show all of the fortitude. These are of the first night. Now the left rattan chair blocks the lower leg area, and the ‘comfy chair’ (from the kitchen) blocks his feet, plus there are other miscellaneous reinforcements at his head.

And a kiss good nite!