Happy 100 Days

28 Jan 2011

Oscar and his schoolmates celebrated 100 days of school on Wednesday.

I guess it’s a school-wide thing, because I heard a couple of teachers wishing each other “Happy Hundred Days!” as I walked Oscar to the lower yard. They play games with the other K classes, and have a class party. Pretty cute idea I think.

Oscar had special homework the night before. He had to count up 100 small things (all by himself) and bring them in in a ziplock baggie:

And then of course Lucy had to get in on the act – she found her own:

I made a card for the teacher that said Thank You a hundred times. Oscar loved it and showed it off to his friends. Ms. Ruth said she’d never received one of those before.

And THIS MORNING, Oscar said he’d like to try the kid “drop off” line in front of school! Heaven! On the way to school, I said “This will be so great”. He said, “Yeah. It’s already a hundred and two days, mom. This is good practice for first grade. That’s commin’ up quick you know.”
So First ‘Drop Off’ was a success!

update- Ms. Ruth put her card up on the whiteboard!

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