Daily Archives: January 7, 2011

Recent Artwork by Oscar

07 Jan 2011

Above, this is titled “Winter Solstice”. He did this in Ms. Ruth’s class, during Art.

Above, titled “Jail”, Oscar demonstrates his preferred medium, pen and violence on paper.

Drawn entirely by Oscar, with me telling where to put each line. We used a toy king figurine for a model. Oscar decided on the cross decorations himself. This was a homework assignment on the letter K.

Above, drawn by Chief, with unknown amount of input by Oscar. Much loved by Oscar – infact it’s his favorite work in the whole house. They did this together during the Christmas Sleepover. The model used was a real toy model of an X-wing, a gift from the Mollards. Thanks Chief for putting that one together!

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

07 Jan 2011

We are dancing to this song today! The house is freezing, except for the “front room” where the southern exposure lets the light stream in. Lucy is doing the “Lucy Shimmy”.


~ Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (liner notes written by Mark Lewisohn)
Inspired by a painting by his almost four-year-old son Julian, who gave his work of art the same title, ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ swiftly evolved into a kind of Lennon musical vision of Alice In Wonderland. The basic track, overdubs and mixing were all effected at different speeds giving the song an ethereal quality in keeping with the imaginative lyrics. Recording commenced in studio two at Abbey Road on March 1 1967. Album version mixed from take eight. Writer: John. Lead vocal: John. Producer: George Martin. Recording engineer: Geoff Emerick. Second engineer: Richard Lush.