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Happy Father’s Day Chief!

21 Jun 2013

Photo by Cole Stipovich

Awesome, right?
I know I’m doing the posts in reverse order.. This year Father’s Day was on the 16th.
But The most important thing to note is that we did not smoosh Chief’s Father’s day in with Chief’s Birthday. Two separate events.
Yay us.

Photo by Cole Stipovich
We surprised Chief at an old favorite, Picante.

Photo by Cole Stipovich
The trick was, we went a day early.

Photo by Cole Stipovich
It’s okay, Chief isn’t picky.

And yeah, we got one with Nanu too! :)
Photo by Cole Stipovich

A Girl and Her Doll in Paris

05 May 2011

It’s a chick flick for you. A slideshow! I just love it!

Click on the photo – you’ll be taken to the photographer’s site:

The link: http://private.stephanierausser.com/kiki_and_coco/

In case you want the doll, or one like it anyways, prepare to dig deep into your wallet… The doll maker (Artist?) is Jess Brown. Read a nice article about her.

(When Lucy gets this age, I’m so doing this.)

A New Love (P)Interest

11 Mar 2011

I am diving into a new website, full of eye candy and inspiration. Its called pinterest.com.
Users create photo bookmarks of things they love, and organize them on inspiration “boards”.
You can post things you have, or find, or you can re-post from others’ boards.

Here are a couple of screen shots of my boards (click to see larger):

Above, part of my “Home Inspiration” Board

Below, part of my “Weddings” board.

The site isn’t without problems. It has lots of functionality bugs – probably due to growing pains. And, it relies on people to credit the right sources (which they don’t – at least not reliably). Actually, it’s bit of an attribution nightmare.

On the plus side, it’s socially networked (which makes it fun), and there isn’t any ugly advertising. It’s a great idea – collections upon collections of beautiful things.