Long Weekend in Sonoma

22 Oct 2012

We caught the last bit of Indian Summer…

There was a nip in the air, so this move by Madie was brave.
(the pool was not heated as advertised!)

The fall oak trees were so pretty! I was so busy I never got around to a real “photography outing” like I had planned. I wanted to go for a walk with my camera and the kids. It’s okay. We went to the farmer’s market, we shopped in the square, we cooked, we barbecued, we ate, we watched sports, a movie and the new Nashville TV show. We swam, we jumped on the trampoline, we lay in the sun, we read magazines, we Instagrammed, and Lucy wore 999 different outfits. We had an amazing dinner alfresco, and celebrated Madie & Cole’s birthdays. Oscar said, “I love this house!”. And I got this oak tree photo with my iPhone. We left exceedingly happy, and full.

ALSO, we enjoyed a love affair with El Molino Central. The Enchiladas Suizas are something special.

Nanu, thanks for a great getaway!

Also, I haven’t blogged anything about the Giants lately, but we’ve been watching every game of the pennant race.
Mark is at Game 7 tonight, vs. the Cardinals.
I won’t write anything specific — it’s the eighth inning — but GO GIANTS!!

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