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Lucy Interview

28 Jul 2012

I was making dinner the other night, but had to turn the burners down in order to faithfully record this spontaneous Q & A between brother and sister. I even did it covertly so as not to influence anything.

{Oscar} Lucy, how do you say Goodnight?
{Lucy} You read a bedtime story.

{O} Do you see the clouds outside?
{L} Yes, but they are not sparkling today.

[thats what led me to grab a pen]

{O} What about a tree?
{L} It’s blowing in the wind.

{O} How about our house?
{L} Because it’s getting fixed.
[she’s referring to our floor refinishing]

{O} What if we go to a park?
{L} Because I like a playground.

{O} What about a picture?
{L} Picture is a camera.

{O} Do you want some juice?
{L} Because I really like my juice sippy cup. It’s on the compiano.


We don’t know why, but lots of Lucy nouns have a “com-” prefix. Mark thinks it has to do with “computer”. Partial list: com-giraffe, com-ice cream, com-banana, com-phone, com-backpack.
These cute word things are short lived. It’s hard to remember, but not long ago she used to say “Allerina” Alloween, abaloons, and more, but now I forget!

Still, nothing beats Oscar’s not liking pizza. Yet. ;)

Lucy’s First Bed

23 Jul 2012

We are NOT finished putting our house back together after the big ‘floor and paint re-do of 2012’, but I really wanted to get the kids sleeping in their new bedroom upstairs. The mudroom was nice (no, not really), but the crowded-like-sardines thing happening downstairs had to go! So, we got Lucy a “toddler bed”, which takes the crib mattress. It’s meant to be temporary, until we figure out how we want to do the room. (Matching twins, or bunk bed, or win the lottery and move to a 3 bedroom house.) It looks a little drab in the photos – but I’m confident it will look right in the end. My goal is to have it photo-and-blog-ready by the time school starts.

Oscar found this evening’s furniture building and arranging really fun. He’s aware of my Pinterest board for a shared kids room. He keeps suggesting items to pin, and he asked for “striking red’ paint on the wall. I’m happy he’s into it. For the record: He’s in favor of the built in bunk bed idea.

I didn’t make Lucy nap today, so she’d be nice and tired at bedtime. She drove us CRAZY while we put the beds together, but it worked – she fell asleep in less than 5 minutes of lights out.

I dug up the photos from March, 2007:

I still love that photo!

Where We’re At

20 Jul 2012

We are back from Camp July, and the house is painted!

Camp July Denver, 2012, was so much fun. It was a well deserved vacation with lots of swimming, shopping, cooking, drinking, swearing, all that good Camp July stuff. Hopefully it won’t take me a YEAR to post the photos! We even got a taste of the Rockies! So beautiful, and adventurous. Photos soon I promise.

Anyways, back to the house.
I know, crappy iphone photo, but IT MAKES ME HAPPY:

If you had told me this would be my kids room, even a couple months ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s just exactly what I wanted. When does that happen?! (Thank you, Honey!!) Apparently it happens 7 years after you move in. The floors were literally giving us splinters, and once the floors were done, (during Marie & Alex’s Wedding!?!?) well then we could not let the opportunity pass to paint. Our stuff is all helter-skelter around the garage, and downstairs. Oscar and Lucy are sleeping in the mud room. The Piano is in the Kitchen!

I hope to to a “before and after” post with lots of photos.
But before that can happen I have Soooooooo much work to do! Happily, it’s all good stuff, and maybe we can lighten our load. Too many things have gotten oppressive! Salvation Army, here we come.

I feel like I should mention Oscar & Lucy, as this is their blog. Oscar knows everything and wants to play video games all day. Yawn.
Lucy (a.k.a. The Kraken) is asking to go to Laurel Hill every 30 minutes. She’s ready. I keep trying to explain how much summer we still have! Camping, Disneyland, and breaking news, Fiona is coming to town! Lots of cousins are in the kids’ future. :)

Ok, signing off from my folding table. (jiggle jiggle)