Daily Archives: September 8, 2011

Mark To Germany

08 Sep 2011

We dropped Daddy at the airport today. He’s off to his cousin’s wedding, near Stuttgart.
He’ll join his parents, sister Karen, and many of his aunts, uncles and cousins. He will be back Tuesday the 13th.

(Whooo hooo! Daddys gone – PARTY! – – – – oh, wait.)

In the meantime my friend Beth is here for the weekend with her Adorable son Adrian.
This is Adrian this morning, about to ride his first cable car:

Have a safe journey Mark (Send photos!) Congratulations Dirk and Jeannine! Happy Wedding! ♥

We had so much fun too!

An Apple a Day – The 6 Year Old Check Up

08 Sep 2011

We went to see Dr. Ernster for the annual checkup.
Oscar is 53 lbs, and 47.5 inches (85th percentile for both).
He has perfect sight and hearing, no issues, and instead of any shots he got a anti-flu nasal spray.

Dr. Ernster seemed really well. We talked about how Oscar and Lucy get to go to Sebastopol (and all the benefits available to them: fresh air, swimming, playing outdoors with no cars, growing fruit and vegetables, etc.) and he recommended a recent NY Times article on gravenstein apples. The topic isn’t new to us, but it’s nice to see it get national coverage!

FYI we have a basket of these beauties in our kitchen right now – (Thanks Omi & Opi)