Backyard Camping

30 Jun 2011

Okay, check that one off the list. If he wants to do it again, he can ask his father.
(The lawn is not as soft as it looks!)
Oscar was really cute though. His eyes sparkled and his grin was ear to ear. It was certainly worth the 6 trips back and forth to the house for last minute necessities like a water bottle, and a story, stuffed animals and the right pillow. Flashlights were everywhere, and Mark and Oscar used walkie talkies to iron out details. (G’nite Dad. Over.) I tried to use them to order a morning latte delivered, but apparently it doesn’t work like that. (Whats the opposite of “roger that”?)
It was chilly outside- the wind had died away, but the temperature was around 55. Inside the tent, it was cozy, and the little night lite Mark plugged in was reassuring. (Don’t all backyard tents come equipped with industrial strength extension cords?) We were both sleepy when the stories were over. Oscar turned out the bigger light and then snuggled up to me. He said, “This is so fun mom. I’m glad you’re here.” Sweet huh. I think I fell asleep before Oscar did. Or maybe it was a tie.

iphone photos by Mark

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