(Rainy) Weekend in Sebastopol

05 Jun 2011

(thanks anthropologie)

The rain did not stop us. It was so cozy with the fire going. Mark and I got to take a nap on the sofa! (At. the. same. time. :) ) We read books (started Treasure Island), played games (Oscar beat us all at Chinese checkers), and made spaetzle.

And, the cherries were ripe! This year the birds didn’t get them before we could. During breaks in the rain, we walked around, and breathed in all the fresh air. Oscar climbed a big fallen tree. We chased wild turkeys away from the vegetable patch. Booker didn’t even see them. The sun was out for a decent amount of time. We got these fun shots:

Thanks Omi for such a fun time! Opi, best steaks ever! xo

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