12 Years! Happy Birthday, Booker and Hoot

23 Jan 2011

Our labs turned 12 today! Whoo Hoo!
We had a party for them at their favorite spot – Lake Anza in Tilden Park.
(The back side. No dogs allowed near the front side.)
Here’s the “invitation” I sent to the family:

It wouldn’t be a party without SweetKiera! She baked goodies for the dogs and the humans.

Lucy was so excited when we arrived! The dogs were too. They got to swim and fetch – what more is there in life? Oh, well there’s sniffing pee, but they got to do that too.

Georgia got in on the action, although she liked it where she could touch.

Here’s a few more good ones. We had a great family day. (Booker is sacked out on the rug right now.)

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