The Holidays Bring Friends!

18 Dec 2010

Click any of these photos to see them bigger.

The Mollards are back in town – Hurray!

Carlo too!

Lucy’s Godparents

I saw Kristi and Carlo just a month ago in New Orleans, but there were no kids! As everyone knows, that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. And anyways, it always feels too long when it’s good friends you’re missing. Bobbie’s house looks amazing! Its all spruced up. And so cozy! The storms are here. It was absolutely pouring outside. We had yummy treats from Arizmendi and chocolate marshmallows from See’s. Kristi made me tea. Sam and Cole were vying for who could give the baby the bottle. Booker and Thelma were hanging out together under the table. Sam thought the cat’s name was Velma (who can blame the guy? He knows his Scooby Doo). Oscar got a new Babe’s hat -Awesome.

I just love when friends come home for the holidays. It’s so exciting!

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