A Christmas Bedtime Story

01 Dec 2010

Oscar:  Can we read a story?
Me:  I’ll read you the book about the day Baby Jesus was born.
It’s called The Nativity.
Yeah! I want to read that story!
Do you know what the name of that day is called?
Um, no.
It’s the first Christmas.
Oh. Yeah!

This happened a long long time ago.
Like in the old days?
Yes, a long time ago.
Like before even Ruth was born? (Ruth is his Kindergarten teacher)
Yes. Way before that.
Like, before Chief’s dad was born?
Yes. A really really long time ago.
Wow. I think yeah.

Page 1, The Angel
One day the angel came to tell Mary that she was going to have a baby, and he will be the son of God.
Is that God? (pointing to Joseph)
No, You can’t see God. That’s Joseph, but the baby’s dad would be God.
But Joseph will help out?
That’s an Angel?
Yes – isn’t it beautiful?
Yeah – but aren’t angels only in heaven?
Well, in this really special case, God sent angels to visit people.
I would freak out if I saw an angel.
Yeah I think I would too.

Page 2, No Room At the Inn
Mary and Joseph had to travel home to Bethlehem, and it was time to have the baby. But there were so many other visitors in town, that the Inn was all full. (I bet Mary was worried.)
Why, because she had to ride that donkey?

Page 3, The Stable
Joseph found them a place in a stable, where baby Jesus was born that night. Do you see that little box that baby Jesus is sleeping in? Its called a manger. Its where the horses eat their hay from, usually. The baby is wrapped in blankets – Its a cold night.
And the angels are playing music for the baby to listen to.
The book says the animals breathed on the baby to keep him warm.

Page 4, The Shepherds
In the fields nearby, shepherds were looking after their sheep. An angel appeared in the sky and told them to come and see Christ the Lord, born in Bethlehem. They would find the baby lying in a manger. Next, more angels came, and filled the sky, singing, “Glory to God, and peace on Earth.” I think it was quite a scene. The shepherds hurried and found baby Jesus, just as the angel had said.
I think they brought the sheep to the baby.

Page 5, The Wise Men
A star guided 3 wise men across the land. They were looking to worship the child born King.
The star led them forward until it stood over the place where Jesus lay.
Are they kings too? They have crowns.
I think they must be.

Page 6, The Gifts
At last the three wise men had found Jesus. They gave him their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Remember how people came to visit Lucy and brought presents? (nods yes)
Everyone there rejoiced and sang with the angels in heaven, “Glory to God, Alleluia”.

And then Jesus died? And came back to life?
Well, that’s later. That’s Easter. Right now everyone is just happy to have Jesus born.
Except the people who are Jewish. Because they don’t believe in Jesus.
Right. If you’re Jewish you believe in other things. But we’re Catholic, and we celebrate Christmas – which is Jesus being born.
If you’re Jewish, you believe in the menorah.
Well, if you are Jewish, you believe in a lot of other good things. The menorah is for the festival of lights.
Today is the first day of Hanukkah. Jacob gets to light a candle.
Its also December first. What did you get to do this morning?
I got to open my ab-vent calendar!
Okay, kid. Time for bed.

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