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Japanese Butterfly Princess Party

12 Nov 2013


Lucy was sooooo excited for her party, and we all had a fun time with the theme. Kristi sent so much good stuff in the mail – like the beautiful wings and wands. I had fun baking cookies and cake, and making little doll princesses. The girls were all adorable. And we had Hank! So, yay. Happy Fourth Birthday Lucy!

Fly Shoes and Super Heroes

17 Sep 2010

I just saw these on Etsy:

With Oscar getting into a super hero phase, these would be so fun!

And on a related note:
Cole just entrusted his old comic book collection to Oscar.
(I had to pull “Batman vs. Predator” from the stack.)
But overall, a bona fide treasure trove! Thanks Uncle Cole!

Lastly, this is the book Oscar picked out at his school library this week.
Moms, I recommend it as a great intro to lots of the characters.