Lucy’s Blue Ribbon

29 May 2013


Just in the nick of time!
Today was our last swim class, for the summer, and? Not sure.
Happily, Katrina got Lucy to her blue ribbon, just in time.
At the blue level, swimmers can complete five “Up-Faces” (face forward breaths) in a horizontal swimming position, can climb out of the pool, and do sit-jumps back in.

(I know I have a post for Oscar’s blue ribbon – but I can’t seen to find it. When I locate it, I’ll put the link here.)

A pause in the swimming action.

They ring the bell and give you a pool copy of the ribbon – which is waterproof (those geniuses).

Back in the pool for a quick pic and hug goodbye

Valentina got hers today too!

Lucy as she trades in the pool copy for the real deal

Off we go!

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